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Queers On Wheels


Welcome! Queers On Wheels is an organization that aides the sexual well-being of the physically disabled community, and welcomes people from all sexual identity groups, including those who identify as GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer ). We provide literature; teach classes and workshops on sexuality and disability, work one on one with our clients to provide whatever they need, and offer networking opportunities for physically disabled folks.

Since people with disabilities are often overlooked as sexual beings, the mission of Queers On Wheels is to liberate and empower them with information and support. This narrow way of thinking does not value a person as a whole, but rather focuses on an aspect of their identity. Queers On Wheels recognizes that people have multiple identities and that those identities need to be valued and appreciated. We recognize the need for a community that incorporates all identities.


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Queers On Wheels can teach a class on topics relevant to the physically disabled community at a community center, school, or a store near you! For more information go to the “Workshops” page of this site!

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